IMAGINE … you work in a world where you know where everything is. Your products. Your materials. Your assets. Your people. Nothing gets lost. You have 100% visibility. How would that change your organization? How much less would you need to stock because you know exactly what you have? How many man-hours would you save because workers are wasting time searching for items? How could your processes be improved because you know who moved what item where and when? What if you had the optimum work flow and RTLS ensured those gains were forever maintained while conveniently alerting you to any degradation or problems – an early warning system!

A Fantasy? No, these types of problems are being solved today through the use of RAIN RFID technology and Real Time Locationing Systems (RTLS). RTLS is identifying, tracking, and managing the location of what we refer to as the 4Ps: People, Paper, Products and Procedures. By placing an inexpensive RFID tag on the items that move throughout your facility, strategically placed readers can detect their movements and provide proper accounting of where they are. Armed with this data, managers can use software like our TrackStar platform to make your enterprise better. Productivty, shrinkage, loss prevention, inventory turns, waste and work flow all benefit from TrackStar. Making life simpler for staff, generating a better customer expereince and improving profits. Trackstar and RFID allow you to do more wihtout asking for more.

ARS leads the way…

American RFID Solutions (ARS) is the leader in passive RFID RTLS solutions. Passive RFID is much less expensive than Active RFID, WiFi, Zigbee and other technologies and it allows our clients to get the visibility they need at a fraction of the price. Our industry leading TrackStar software allows tag location data to be superimposed on a 3D representation of your facility, providing you with a quick and accurate way of locating your items. Couple this with a user definable dashboard full of powerful drill-downs, data graphics, and animated charts and you have a cohesive and comprehensive tool that combines data warehousing, forensics, data visualization and statistical analytics into one intelligent system.

With TrackStar from ARS you can determine:

1) What is the optimum ratio of staff to work load?

2) Where are my biggest bottlenecks and where do I have excess capacity?

3) How long are items sitting idle and how can I better deploy my resources?

4) Best and highest use of my team members?

IoT, the Internet of Things, low cost sensors, software defined antennas, Moore’s Law and indoor navigation technologies have dramatically enhanced the payback and power of Real Time Location Systems. RTLS combine the benefits of sensors such as RFID with geospatial tracking to offer “indoor-GPS”. ARS designs and implement RTLS systems using sensor technology to essentially acquire data for zero variable cost. This is a break-through in thinking. Some of the more popular sensors we interface to are battery assisted, active or passive RFID technology, Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee, and Bluetooth. Primarily because they enable cost effective adoption and rapid solution build-out since there are thousands of off the shelf sensors to choose from with passive RFID providing the greatest choice and lowest deployment cost. We also provide advanced location information which may include speed, direction, or spatial orientation. These additional attributes allow real time situational awareness for items of interest.

ARS implements RTLS to see the physical location of the tagged item on a 3D computer generated map. This capability had previously been utilized by military and government agencies but the technology is now cost effective enough for commercial and nonprofit purposes. Couple with a user defined dashboard capable of drill-downs, pivot tables, animated charts and you have an informatics solution. By informatics we mean a systematic way to understand your ecosystem by graphs and numbers which is evidence driven to ensure the best decisions are being made.

For RTLS to function the location of tagged items must be determined by algorithms which vary tremendously by tag type and geometry. ARS is an expert in geodetic reference frames and uses this deep knowledge to perfect location by cost effectively using either one or all of the following means:

  1. Triangulation
  2. Trilateration
  3. Dead reckoning
  4. Way points
  5. Presence detection
  6. Choke points
  7. Virtual Rooms
  • Combine identity and location of any of the 4 Ps.
  • Ensures permanent visibility at all times.
  • Supports notification of picking or placing items of interest.
  • Proves proper manning of operational areas, including any necessary certifications or endorsements required for safety, etc.
  • Facilitates the timely and safe evacuation of endangered areas.
  • Facilitates marshaling staff and deployment of first responders.
  • Triggers event notification based on an attribute of the 4 Ps which may include a geo fence.

Thanks to the continuous trend of increasing functionality with decreasing cost, RTLS serves thousands of operational use cases which are applicable to almost any organization; for profit or non-profit; government or private. Tasks performed by an RTLS system include:


We have had a long term love affair with SENSORS, wireless and location tracking technologies. In the 1990’s our subject matter experts were busy understanding the cutting edge of RFID technologies. In engineering terms this involved evaluating transponders on railroad box cars, empirically measuring their bit error rate and its correlation to modulation schemes and velocity of movement. In non-engineering terms we were using science to understand the strengths and weaknesses of RFID/IoT and RTLS technologies. Today we focus on masterminding the most cost effective use of SENSORS such as RFID for the benefit of our clients.


ARS helps you create more value and remove cost in a way that transforms your enterprise.

  1.  Make life simple for your staff.
  2. Create a superior customer experience.
  3. Generate significant financial benefits which typically are driven from improved utilization of capital and better operating margins to yield higher profits year after year.

We deliver these benefits by optimizing your workflow. Eliminating human error, reducing waste, lowering energy usage, avoiding idle resources and minimizing deviation from best practices, etc. We want to help you succeed in a competitive global market.