Health Care

ARS provides consulting and enterprise solutions focusing on delivering benefits to ED, OR, Clinical Care and all other facets of hospital operations.

Steel Mills

ARS provides automation visibility to streamline every day tracking of all materials, equipment, PPE, consumables, heats, and personnel in the steel industries.


ARS provides compliance and operational visibility to streamline tracking of people, products, raw materials, finished goods, and work-flows.

Additional Verticals

Our solutions map to any market making them more efficient instantaneously!




Supply Chain



What if you knew where everything was?

Imagine you work in a world where you know where everything is… Your products, your materials, your assets, your people and nothing gets lost in the process. You have 100% visibility. How would that change your organization?

How much less would you need to stock because you know exactly what you have? How many man-hours would you save because workers are wasting time searching for items? How could your processes be better because you know what items are moving in real-time?

What if you had the optimum work flow and RTLS (Real Time Location System) ensured those gains were forever maintained while conveniently alerting you to any degradation or problems – an early warning system!

TrackStar technology in action!

Scanning hundreds of small items can be such a hassle.

What if you could scan hundreds of items instantly with 100% accuracy?
See how our systems work, click to view the video on the right; showing real-time performance in a live environment.

Weapon Against COVID-19

Get the COVID-19 Countermeasure to mitigate risk

Million Items Tracked


Professionals tracked


Billion Items Tracked