RFID technology continues to proliferate in our daily lives in the same way that bar code technology did.


RFID makes it possible to give each item its own unique identifying number, similar to the license plate on a car but for anything such as assets, people, work in process and medical devices. This is the Internet of Things.
ARS has a broad portfolio of products that can track and monitor the 4 Ps – people, paper, products and procedures.


ARS’ technology is capable of automatically tracking people and pairing them with assets such as notebook computers. These solutions can also be used to provide advanced notice of potential loss or harm to people, assets or work in process.


ARS can track virtually anything made from atoms, from artwork to computers, to surgical sponges or even golf balls. The TrackStar solutions offer a reliable and rapid means for counting products and mapping their location.


ARS provides the ability to track RFID paper as it moves from one location to another. Standard modules include in bins, filing cabinets and large scale storage areas for bankers boxes.


ARS can apply RFID and RTLS technologies to monitor the dwell time between different procedures in your organization. This is a great advantage for automating the control and flow of goods from a wide range of use cases.