Delivers vital information to wireless mobile devices anywhere, any time. Supports iPhones, SmartPhones, and Tablets.


iStar allows you to perform real time inquiries about your company, specific products and work orders. Geospatial maps provide location tracking and remote surveillance of areas of interest such as work cells, shipping, inventory, etc. WiFi based.

iStar supports the next generation of the mobile workforce. It puts you in touch with the information that matters so you can make vital decisions for your organization’s success anywhere, any time.


iStar is a personal productivity tool which makes TrackStar features available in the palm of your hand via smart phones and other wireless devices. Its features include:

Alerts broadcast by TrackStar showing deviations from best practices that need attention.

Google style search capability to reveal empirical data for items of interest.

Real time graphs and reports outlining status so you interpret how the business is performing in real time.

Shows problems to you while you are on site allowing remedies to be discovered and validated as successful before you leave the area of interest.


iStar provides similar benefits to TrackStar because it is a version of TrackStar optimized for the resources of today’s smart phones, tablets and wireless devices. Its principle benefit is facilitating knowledge transfer to stakeholders so they can shorten the cycle time for improvements conducive to:

Making life simpler for staff

Generating a better customer experience

Increasing profits