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A team of experts who will enthusiastically help you successfully adopt RFID/RTLS

We have had a long term love affair with sensors, wireless and location tracking technologies. In the 1980’s our subject matter experts were busy understanding the cutting edge of RFID technologies. In engineering terms this involved evaluating transponders on railroad box cars, empirically measuring their bit error rate and its correlation to modulation schemes and velocity of movement. In non engineering terms we were performing basic science in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of RFID and RTLS technology. Today we still focus on masterminding the cost effective use of sensors such as RFID, IoT, and RTLS for the benefits of our clients.

We are hardware agnostic and subject matter experts in active, passive, RTLS, near field and far field RFID. Our specialty is integrating technologies such as GPS, PLCs, BIOmetrics and TCP/IP (wired/wireless) with sensors that measure attributes (serial number, weight, temperature, precipitation, shock, vibration, motion, sound, etc.) for an item of interest.Our business model uses our technical expertise and advanced TrackStar algorithms to help you perfect usage of Lean, Six Sigma and other best practices to create innovative solutions.

American RFID Solutions makes RTLS easy! We provide the knowledge, tools, system design, training and remote monitoring services to get the most from combining sensor infrastructure with other technologies to improve profits. ARS helps clients improve decision making using real time information without the attendant labor costs.


Our innovative solutions help you optimize enterprise performance. Our experience spans verticals such as aerospace, aviation, colleges, hospitals, manufacturing, restaurants, rail roads, steel mills and utilities. Our professional services team delivers turnkey solutions using our knowledge in: System Design, Equipment Installation, EMI Hardening, Tag Placement Optimization, Network connectivity and TPS (Toyota Production System) variants for Lean-6-sigma.


Our solutions can track, monitor and control people, paper, products and processes at the enterprise level. This permits stakeholders to optimize desired outcomes.


Our innovative software has produced several “first of its kind” devices, including:

Using the iPhone and Android smart phones as dashboards for real time situational awareness to help people make better decisions.

First in the world to offer a global 24×7 RFID Call Center for monitoring the health and wellness of RFID infrastructure encompassing all flavors of RFID and RTLS (passive, active and battery assisted passive in near field and far field use cases).

First in the world to offer advanced security with integration of RFID, BIOmetrics and Cryptography with no central database.

First in the world to offer an RFID Multi‐Meter which provides 3D plots of singulation and read zone performance. This ensures you receive the best acceptance test in the business!

First to implement industry standard for interoperability via LLRP (low level reader protocol).


ARS offers a comprehensive selection of enterprise oriented tools to help you make better decisions by leveraging empirical data automatically provided by RFID and RTLS technologies. Developers of the Trusted eSentry Security system, TrackStar, iStar and iBall offering turnkey solutions, consulting, and products in the areas of active, passive, RTLS, near field and far field RFID technologies. The company’s suite of tools optimizes the wireless link to automate the flow of reliable and valuable tag data with our enterprise applications. Products such as the RF Shark, R2D2 Expander and the Smart Antenna Bracket reduce RFID implementation costs and improve decision making using real time RFID information.


ARS differentiates itself by paying consistent attention to details that matter to ensure the successful implementation of your RFID and RTLS systems. We begin by investing the time to listen and fully understand your vision for RFID/RTLS. ARS’ custom RFID/RTLS solutions provide practical answers to our clients’ specific business needs. Our involvement with RFID began in the 1980’s while investigating tag modulation schemes. ARS insider expertise helps you achieve more with RFID. We are a thought leader in applying RFID to enhance work flow, productivity and security.


STEP is an acronym for “Success Through Empirical Process”. It is a methodology invented by ARS to perform systematic optimization for any RFID read zone, regardless of whether it is passive, active or battery assisted passive. STEP improves tag visibility and, therefore, delivers optimum singulation. It also satisfies six sigma statistical control for each read zone to ensure best practices applications engineering. There are six distinct tasks in STEP:

1. Calibrate the reader
2. Calibrate tags
3. Optimize tag location
4. Perform EMI survey
5. Evaluate read redundancy
6. Optimize portal coverage


1. Founding member of RAIN RFID Consortium
2. TED.com contribution sharing ideas on RFID/RTLS in a presentation titled “Ambient Information: the DNA of Decision Making,”
3. Best in Show Finalist Award, RFID Live 2009
4. Best in Show Finalist, RFID Live 2008
5. Best Mobile Security Technology Award iPhone iBALL Surveillance System
6. Deputy Chairman and Founder for the RFID Program of the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (www.ISCEA.com)
7. Founding member RFID+ Certification
8. Best Selling RFID Textbook distributed to over 20 countries, now in its 5th Edition.