Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

ARS is making a major impact on the health care industry. TrackStar focuses on preventing medical errors in surgical procedures that currently cost the US health care industry more than 2 billion annually. Today surgical teams must rely on manual counting; this leaves enough room for errors causing large hospitals to experience about 2-4 cases annually of a surgical item being left inside a patient after surgery.


A significant performance improvement in RFID hardware and tags has led to a leap in capability. ARS’ product line provides many opportunities to reduce costs, raise revenue and boost customer satisfaction in the retail sector. Access to more accurate inventory data improves on shelf product availability and reduces inventory costs which leads to higher revenue and profits for both retailers and vendors.


Logistics providers have an excellent business case using RFID to track containers and chassis. TrackStar provides increased utilization and lower costs.There is comprehensive data available that RFID provides better and faster visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain. RFID technology is akin to the silent supervisor, monitoring and recording details about product movement, and alerting shipping personnel of any errors.