RFID Services

We provide a full range of services covering design, applications engineering, installation, support, training and turnkey deployments. Our SaaS (Solution as a Service) offers best in class value.


ARS prides itself in offering a full range of professional services to ensure you receive all the possible benefits from RFID/RTLS. Your selection of ARS as a partner ensures that the professional services provided encompass best of breed for skill, knowledge, reputation, ethics and creativity.


ARS has a team of proven installation experts for any flavor of RFID. We have successfully installed active, battery assisted passive and passive RFID and RTLS systems. We can assist you with preliminary site preparations, civil works for leasehold improvements and specialized hardening techniques to protect against electromagnetic interference and transient signals that can damage electronics and databases.

Please consider ARS as your partner for turn-key installation.


ARS is pleased to offer an innovative class of service that we call Mobility. You will not find this as a standard RFID or RTLS service offering because we were the first to innovate this concept. Mobility, as a service, entails the necessary process re-engineering and infrastructure rewiring to allow team members to have real time situational awareness based on empirical data delivered to their smart phone anywhere, any time.


ARS has a full range of integration services to facilitate an injection of RFID or RTLS technology into your enterprise. Typical integration services include data import and export into legacy systems or enterprises databases such as Oracle and SAP to name just a few.


ARS supports your RFID or RTLS system with a range of cost effective choices. Talk to us about your needs and we can offer packages that range from all inclusive to selective hourly repairs on an as needed basis. Our complete customer care package consists of unlimited telephone support, on-site training, break/fix, software updates and orderly migration to next generation equipment. Please communicate your needs to a member of our knowledgeable staff and we will provide you with the level of service that is best suited to your operational needs.


Applications engineering is the discipline, art, skill and professional service of applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge to design and build RFID/RTLS data structures, readers, transponders, air interface, network backbones, head end systems and processes that provide significant ROI to the RFID/RTLS stakeholders in the form of automation, cost reduction and enhanced efficiency.

ARS has a deep knowledge of applications engineering and delivers work products such as:

  • User tagging guides – provides recommendations on optimum tag placement as well as the perfect tag choice to give desired visibility.
  • Customization of the wireless read zone coverage contour – provides a read zone optimized for operation within the desired work flow.
  • Optimization of the RFID infrastructure for speed and capacity to handle from one to 1,000,000 tagged items.
  • Interface and integration of RFID inputs and outputs to third party auxiliary devices – this allows an RFID reader to turn a light, or other device, on and off as a result of a particular tag read thereby providing an increased level of automation.
  • Embedded RFID – this provides seamless integration of the desired RFID features of a tag or reader into the product.


ARS is pleased to offer customization of the RFID or RTLS hardware and software. Please share your vision with us and let our experts engineer a cost effective solution to meet your specific criteria.


ARS has a cost effective means to monitor the health and wellness of your RFID/RTLS system. Using a state of the art Network Operation Center (NOC) we use computerized agents to continuously monitor and report autonomously on the status of your hardware and software. Our NOC never stops working to detect an existing fault or predict a failure that could shut down your operations. Advanced notice through texts, Andons, SMS, light stacks, and digital signs allow you to ensure reliable performance of your RFID/RTLS system.