Scalable enterprise platform capable of handing RFID, RTLS, CCTV cameras and any sensor or IP devices. It uses these resources to catapult your decision making for extraordinary results


Provide a first class experience for your customers. Dramatically improve your business reputation for being responsive and dependable. New business intelligence reporting tools allow you to analyze how efficiently items are making it through your enterprise, allowing you to identify bottlenecks, streamline your operation and more accurately document processes.

RFID tags are printed and applied to the 4 Ps (people, paper, products and procedures) as the first step towards better decision making. From that point on, the 4 Ps are visible in the TrackStar system.

TrackStar communicates with the devices using our revolutionary data collection engine that is capable of receiving and sending millions of packets of data. The data is then deposited into a database which powers our search and business intelligence tools.

Users can log into the system via a web browser from anywhere in the world and perform searches, view reports tailored to their business needs and view real time video feeds of their facility. It is the ultimate tool for situation awareness. Use TrackStar to separate the trivial many from the vital few!


TrackStar is rich with features to help you achieve better results by leveraging:

  • Event notification to illuminate exceptions.
  • Generate automatic alerts using the Rules Wizard.
  • Lightening fast communication of critical information via digital SignEdge.
  • CCTV cameras to show what is happening.
  • Reports providing actionable information for superior intervention.
  • Forensic tools to isolate problems.


Receive unprecedented benefits because the TrackStar system uses the Internet of things to improve decision calculus. RFID and RTLS technologies work 24/7 to power the ultimate finding machine. This means TrackStar finds waste, profits, productivity gains and better workflow for your wealth creation process.