Medical Cannabis

ARS is bringing state of the art location, tracking and sensor technology to the cannabis industry.

ARS provides consulting and systems integration focusing on RFID and RTLS solutions for delivering benefits to companies in the cannabis industry. The main areas benefiting from RFID and RTLS in this vertical are:

Plant Tracking

From first stage to final bloom, RFID and RTLS technology can provide traceability, compliance and insights into grow facility operations.

Plant Stimulation

By implementing real time lighting, temperature gradient, and soil hydration monitoring your grow masters can optimize and fine tune consistency of the strains taste and effect.

Inventory Management

Whether you have one or hundreds of dispensaries, RFID tagging technology can bring new levels of visibility into stock, inventory turns and par levels.

Supply Chain Management

With RFID technology managing shipments and deliveries is as easy as it gets. With the quick swipe of a hand scanner you can be assured the contents of your shipment are accurate and sent to the correct customer.

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